Choosing The Right Printer

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Choosing The Right Printer 


Over the years at my last company we often had people contact us for a recommendation for a printer

They had walked into one of the retail outlets and came away still unsure

The questions I used to ask was the following

  • What were they going to print mostly
  • Is it for SOHO use
  • Is it for home use
  • will the kids use it for projects and Photo prints
  • Do you need a scanner - helpful with kids projects

Today there is a choice between a colour Laser and an Inkjet Printer, some of the new Inkjet printers are fast, as fast as a laser.

The most important question I asked is , what is it going to cost to print - How much are the consumables - most people buy a printer without checking the price of the cartridges.

I was standing in one of the big retailers a few years ago when I noticed an elderly gentleman standing in front of the rows of cartridges shaking his head, I asked him if I could help him, he told me he wont be able to print anymore because he cant afford the cartridges. He had bought the printer from one of the big discounters at a great price, the only trouble was, when he came to replace the cartridges they were more than the cost of the printer.

SO PLEASE check the price of the cartridges, also check if there are compatibles available, that will give you big savings.

If you need any help or suggestions in choosing a printer, email me and I will get back to you, maybe my two cents will help you decide


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