How does the Weather impact on your Prints

Posted by Ken Du Preez on

Have you ever wondered if the weather can effect your print outs

High Humidity can have an effect on both Laser and Inkjet Printers

When there is a lot of Humidity with a Laser you sometimes find the pages sticking together and the pages can be wavy, sometimes the prints are as not sharp as they should be due to the moisture in the paper and the toner not adhering properly

With Inkjet Printers when there is high humidity you tend to find the colours bleeding into the paper again due to the moisture content in the paper.

In America some time ago tests were conducted in Florida ( Humid) and Arizona (Dry), the findings were that in Florida you got less prints than in Arizona, one of the reasons for this was that .because of the humidity it was thought that more toner was transferred.

Some Years ago I had a customer in Cape Town that used to keep a note of how many prints he got out of a cartridge. He phone me to complain that he got 300 less prints than the previous cartridge.

I asked him when he installed the cartridges, the first one was installed in December and the other in June. I asked him if they had  heavy rain in the the June to September period and he confirmed they did. When I explained the Humidity effect on the prints he was satisfied and later in the year phoned me to tell me the new cartridge he installed in September was giving the required number of prints..

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