About Us

We have spent the last 18 years involved in the compatible cartridge industry.

When we first started, people still referred to compatible cartridges as “Pirate Parts”.

We were one of the first people to call them “Compatible” or “Generic”.

For those 18 years we were proud to be associated with one of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers who have a global presence.

Being the cheapest was never the driving force for us, we preferred to get a mix of quality with good price.

Our ethos is cheapest is not always best.

We had our own Laser manufacturing facility but struggled to get good quality cartridges to build and all the other related issues that come with a factory.

We looked to our overseas partners and started to import the completed product. A new compatible cartridge at a price better than what we could rebuild for here.

With all this knowledge we will always bring you a quality product, we know there will be those that are cheaper than us and conversely those that are more expensive, however if we are not happy with a product we will not sell it until we can source one that comes up to our standard.

At the end of the day it is about getting VALUE for your hard earned rand when you PRINT.